Fatima’s Eye Moonstone Necklace

The Meaning:

This ancient amulet has many names: the Hand of Fatima, Hamsa Hand, Hamesh Hand, Hand of Miriam, Hand of Mary.

Considered sacred across many cultures and religions, including Islamic, Jewish, and Christian, the amulet is magical protection from the envious or evil eye. It is also a talismanic symbol of abundance, fertility, luck and good health. It is not an earthly hand but the symbol of the divine hand, linked to the feminine, goddess culture, and matriarchal periods.It is a reminder of the existence of God in everything and in every new formation.

The Hamsa amulet was seen as the symbol of holiness, healing and miracles, which would pull the forces of good to the bearer and protect them from unseen dangers, disease, and neutralize the negative energies of envy and the forces of evil.

“Rainbow Moonstone houses a spiritual being that carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing for the whole of humanity, reminding you that you are a part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding “cycle of cycles.” Linking you to your overall lives-plan as well as the current life plan, it helps you see the unseen, read symbols and synchronicities intuitively, and open yourself to spiritual gifts.”

– from The Encyclopedia of Crystals

The Journey:

The components of this piece were originally found in sunny San Diego and Venice Beach, California. They all traveled with me  on a road trip across the United States, into Canada, flew down to Buenos Aires, Argentina, then bussed down to Patagonia for a few months, before heading over to Italy. This necklace was finally designed and hand-strung in the rolling Umbrian hills outside of Assisi, Italy, at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness.

The Audio Inspiration:

Assembled while listening to an NPR program recommended by the awesome Eating/Praying/Loving Elizabeth Gilbert.

Price: 77€

+ shipping from the remote countryside of Italy (30 minute bus ride to the nearest post office)
Currently available.
For more photos (colors appear brighter in these photos than they really are), leave a comment below. Grazie mille!

To purchase via Paypal, click here.


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