I don’t have your answers.

Only you have your answers. Only you know your truth. Within you – and every other human heart on this planet – is a Universe waiting to be discovered, uncovered, expressed, and shared with the world.

Little by little, breath by breath, choice by fearful choice, I’ve found some of my answers – answers I’ve squeezed from the Universe after years and years and years of reading, writing, chasing, crying, fighting, fearing, laughing, leaving.

And maybe I can support you in finding your answers.

Maybe what I’ve figured out resonates with the truth-strings in your heart. Maybe we can co-create together – a clearer, more joyful, heart-centered, authentic reality for you. And a happier world for everyone.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone to listen. To listen to you, without trying to change or control or influence the still small voice of your heart. The more opportunities you get a chance to tap into that voice ,to hear it and express it, the more you recognize it, the stronger it gets.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a mirror held up to the maze of your Ego games. Oh, the tricky Ego. Once you figure it out, it gets wiley-er. It comes up with new tricky ways to distract and confuse you. Your Ego’s not a bad guy. He/she/it’s trying to protect you ,because that’s what your Ego was formed for when you came to this planet, when you were conditioned and acculturated to society. The Ego is a shell, a mask formed to protect you, intending to save you from the fears you were taught were real as a child.

But we are born as love, to love. Love is what we are. Fear is what we’re taught. Ego is meant to protect us, protect our divine magical powerful squishy center.

Pretty much everything you’ve been taught as a human is wrong – wrong as in untrue. But still just part of the game.

When you see that, you can choose to play a different game, to re-program yourself. Yes, it will take years. Yes, it will take discipline, but only in the true sense of the world – discipline meaning ‘remembering what you want’.

Remembering who and what you are – Divine. Infinite. Joyful. Loving. Here and now. Perfect, exactly as you are. Ab-soul-ute acceptance.

Re-membering, bringing it all together – the human skin sack you walk around in, the ego personality mask game  you’re playing while you’re here, and the brilliant piece of divine consciousness that still burns in your soul, underneath it all.

It’s hard to figure this all out alone.

If you need a Reminder-er, I’m here.

But only to remind you – You are divine. Listen to your heart. Align with your true self, your higher self, your inner being heart soul. You are god and you are go(o)d.

I can re-mind you. But you must re-member.

I am available by appointment for 30 minute and 1 hour sessions on Skype or at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness in Assisi, Italy.


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