Letting Go, Lightening Up

“Understand that you are an entity passing through a life in which the entire drama is an offering for your awakening.”

I love me some Ram Dass wisdom. Ram Dass is the guy who famously did lots of LSD in the 70s, stretching the boundaries at Harvard and finding his guru in India.

In his article Practices of Purification, Ram Dass reminds us that purification is a letting go – letting go of the lies, the fears, the bullshit that keeps us small, revealing our true divinity that is always hidden underneath, at the core of each of us. 

Becoming human we fell asleep to our divinity, choosing to take on a case of ‘divine amnesia’ in order to experience the fear of separation and limitation; our awakening is the return to the knowing of truth – that we are divine beings in skin sacks, simply here for the thrill of it, for the wild experience of this sometimes terrifying, always beautiful drama.



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