The Desire Game

Why is desire considered ‘bad’ by many spiritual paths?

Because it infers separation, that there is something that you want that you don’t have.

Desire does not have to be quelched. Desire is the driving force of Life itself; it is just that it needs to be considered in a different way, a way that is not separate or illusory.

You are everything. All is one. All realities and potentialities exist now. So what you desire you already have, are, already exists.

The game is to feel that what you desire already exists, that you already have it, that you are it.

By doing so you have the power, through your feeling, to make it real NOW; via your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, it becomes a reality that you experience via imagination.

And when you energetically match what it is that you desire, when you attune yourself to its frequency, you draw it to you.



“What is present in our lives does not prove our value or our worthiness, it simply demonstrates our beliefs about ourselves.” – Ariel Ford


2 thoughts on “The Desire Game

  1. I also believe, we are taught to be satisfied with what we have. If our great inventors listened to these words we wouldn’t have the telephone, electricity and automobiles. We must also remember if we are thinking and feeling negative our subconscious will create from those as well. Thank you divine reminder-er for today’s post!

  2. Thanks for your comment, feelingjoy! Interesting!

    I believe that as divine creative consciousness – the point of which is to expand – we can revel in our creative power by inventing “new” things in the material world, without having the negative lack-consciousness feelings of incompletion. And all technological inventions are dualistic – telephones, electricity and automobiles all have equal and negative side effects/unintended consequences to the conveniences they bring – ie with the upside of cars, there’s the equal downside of exhaust pollution, the drunk driving deaths, the oil wars; with electricity there’s the issues of creating it via nuclear waste or damming up and destroying natural areas like in Brazil, and having to work jobs to pay for electricity; telephones also create waste and soil/groundwater pollution from the plastics and batteries and packaging, etc etc.

    I don’t believe that satisfaction stops creative consciousness from creating. When we are intrinsically motivated to create beauty, in harmony with the natural world, amazing things can happen…

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