Morning Rituals: Rampage of Appreciation

Now, I’m a Divine Being. You’re a Divine Being. But part of the game of being a Divine Being in this skin suit on Earth is forgetting.

And the gift in forgetting is remembering. Re-member, coming back to wholeness and unity.

I write these reminders, above all, for me. Because I am a master at this game of forgetting and remembering.

Take my Daily Rituals, for example. For awhile I was on fire, doing my Daily Rituals as they’re meant to be done – on the Daily.

But then the forgetting begins to creep back in, and I slack off. I fall off the wagon. And I slide into the fear and muck of forgetting that I’m a Divine Being. I identify with my small protectionist limited conditioned ego self, which leads to a small emotional freak-out breakdown – What am I doing with my life?? What am I meant to do?? How will I make money??

And then I have a good cry. And then I remember – D’oh! I’m a Divine Being!!! I create my reality! Everything in my life is actually really, really good. I am supported, I am safe, I am crazy lucky to be living this magical life. And it is magical. I just forgot for  a minute.

Because I wasn’t doing my Rituals.

One of the #1 most important Rituals for happiness is Appreciation. This has been stated by pretty much every spiritual teaching and is now even backed up by science.

I like Abraham-Hick’s phrase: “Rampage of Appreciation.” Basically, you go off on all the positive things in your life, all the things that make you feel good.

I prefer the word appreciation to gratitude, because not only does appreciation mean thankfulness, it’s a recognition of value and true worth, and it also means to raise in value. When you appreciate something in your life, not only are you focusing on its value to you – how it makes you happy – you’re INCREASING that value.

Appreciation is so important because if you’re not appreciative of what you have, you’ll never be happy with what you’ve got.

And once you ARE appreciative of what you’ve got, you’re there. You in a place of feeling good, feeling connected, aware, positive, loving of all that’s around you.

So if you don’t already do daily lists of things you appreciate, try starting with five in the morning as you’re having breakfast or brushing your teeth. It will remind you of the good that surrounds you.

Here are a few from my morning:

I appreciate living in such a luminous, spacious space. I appreciate my lovely computer! I appreciate the warm fire. I appreciate being able to sit cross-legged comfortably. I appreciate my beautiful strong nails. I appreciate having everything I need in this moment. I appreciate all the hiking I did yesterday. I appreciate these gorgeous spring days.

Happy remembering!

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart


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