How To Happy/Joy/Wonder

I get daily Remind-ing emails from the en*theos Academy of Optimal Living, headed up by one of my favorite living philosophers, Brian Johnson.

I’ve been reprogramming my mind with the distilled wisdom and truth that Brian has been sharing for years. And years. And years. When I lived in Los Angeles I loved popping one of his Philosopher’s Notes into my ears while I took a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood.

From the en*theos email today, Brian shared a great practice for living in wonder (Remember: don’t try to Understand – Wonderstand!!!).

“Start giving away awards throughout the day: the most beautiful flower award, the kindest driver award, the most amazing clouds award. By playing the game you’re conditioning your mind to see the beauty and wonder of your world—which, of course, is a VERY good idea if you’d like to live with more joy.” – Brian Johnson from Marci Shimoff’s book Happy For No Reason

Practice, practice, practice. Nothing external will ever make you happy. Give you pleasure, yes, but pleasure is dualistic and, while you’re living in a dualistic reality, comes with an equal and opposite reaction.

Happiness is an inside job, a continual evolution of being happier. Your Universal Self is already happy; your Earth Self just needs to get into alignment with the happiness and well-being that already exists.

It takes practice. Not the drugery kind of practice, but the practice of BEING happy. Practicing FEELING GOOD. Which is something you’d enjoy (if you let yourself). You just have to make the choice to do it!

Choose happiness. Choose joy. Choose wonder.



That exercise above, of giving awards, is one easy ‘How’ you can do today. Meditation and Morning Rituals are two other really potent ‘How’s’.

There are many many many other Hows. Just pick one, decide, and do. Then be.

Be happier, joyfullier, more wonderful and wonderstanding.


Remember – You’re divine.



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