Sometimes, this physical, material world we live in just seems so REAL. So heavy, so concrete, so fixed, so defined, so definite.

Sometimes we buy into the illusion that for the most part, we understand it. Science has it figured out. There are laws. We got this under control.

The reality is – WE DON’T. It’s all a huge crazy twisting spinning space-emptiness-void-filled illusion, hologram, divine mind game. It’s all theory, story, mythology.

Do you realize how BIG the Universe is? Check out this fun Scale of the Universe from NASA’s daily Astronomy Picture of the Day website. (There’s a little scroll bar at the bottom – have a good trip!)

And the answer is No. You DON’T realize how big the Universe is, because the linear logical thinking human mind is incapable of such a thing.

And we think we can use this mind tool to understand infinite creative consciousness?

Nope. Not a chance.

What you CAN do is what “understand” really means: the word ‘understand’ comes from the Dutch word ‘onderstaan’.

Onder Staan.

Wonder Stand.

Stand In Wonder.

You can stand in a place of wonder, joy, appreciation, marvel. You can turn your face to the sun and feel its perfectly toasty warmth on your skin sensors, ie nerve endings, that send electrical impulses – ELECTRICAL IMPULSES!!! – through your body to a big wet wrinkly mushy mass of cells that are surrounded by your skull. A bubble of conscious suspended on the pole of your spine, walking around on this spinning ball that’s rushing madlly through space at 67,000 miles per hour(ish). Creative, free, infinite consciousness.

Don’t try to Understand it.

Wonderstand it.


3 thoughts on “Wonderstand

    • And thank YOU for always inspiring ME!
      Wonderstanders, are we!

      (is that a haiku?? YES IT IS!!!):

      And thank YOU for al
      -ways inspiring ME! Won-
      derstanders, are we!

      (I know, totally cheating….)

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