In Your Heart You Know

“Do not let other people or belief systems distract you from your true calling. In your heart you know what feels good and what works, and that is your most reliable resource.”

– Alan Cohen – A Daily Dose of Sanity: A Five-Minute Soul Recharge for Every Day of the Year 


We feel selfish doing what we want. We feel like it’s wrong to make ourselves happy. But it’s right to make someone else happy? Scratch that – it’s right to TRY, ATTEMPT, and FAIL at making someone else happy (by happy I mean deep fulfillment/interior/intrinsic happy, not bringing someone pleasure or relief from their suffering/fear/dissatisfaction… ie codependence).

You can never MAKE another person happy. We must each make our own CHOICE to be happy, regardless of any external situation or person.

Your true calling. The calling that comes from inside, from within your heart, from your soul, your higher self connection to Source, to creative consciousness, that nothingness/all-that-isness that was commandeered by religion so long ago, slapped with the label “God,” turned into a judgmental angry vengeful authoritarian parent who is separate from us and is just waiting for us to f#$% up, because we were born f#$%ed up (great, original sin, thanks for that) and unless we pay for it by suffering our entire lives, being totally desireless/sexless/creationless, there’s no way we’ll ever be loved.

Who the hell came up with this warped and abusive mythology?!?! Oh yeah, terrified men who wanted to control people by making them feel horrible about themselves, completely alone, weak, and disconnected from the infinite source of creative power that flows through each and every one of us… Oh yeah.

Well, it’s time for us to grow up. Much of what you were told is lies. You realized that adults lied to you about Santa Claus, but you may have not realized that people lied to you about your imperfection, lied to you about your disconnection from “god,” from love, from wholeness. It’s time to stop believing the stories written by the people who are terrified of individual freedom and power. It’s time to live, to create, to be divine, to be god having a blast on this planet while in a skin suit, pretending to be a little bubble of consciousness on two legs that’s forgotten what it really is – everything. Nothing. All at once. No duality. No polarity. Whole.

You’re whole. You’re complete. You’re infinite. Remember.

Now what?

What feels good? What works in your life, for YOU?? What gets you excited? What makes you gasp and say, “I WANT THAT!”

Make a list.

And then – Do it. You have permission. Not that you need it.

Remember – you’re divine.

P.S. “that is your most reliable resource.” Resource. Re-Source. Re-connection to Source, consciousness, your soul, god, the Universe, all that is… THAT, the callings of your heart that make you feel good – THAT is your most reliable connection to the divine, to spirit, to who you really are.

Remember. Put yourself back together. Come back to wholeness. Nothing’s missing. You’re already whole.


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