Morning Rituals: Inspirational Reading

Reading Re-Minds and Re-Members me, re-programming my mind with the stuff that I choose to put in there. Inspirational reading puts me in the right mindset for the day, getting attuned with spirit before heading out into the material world.

I’ve read something inspirational just about every morning for the past seven years. I started with Wayne Dyer’s 60 Days To Enlightenment. (As you probably already know you can read a preview of the book on Amazon by clicking the “Look Inside” button, and if you have a Kindle you can have a free sample sent to you – I like to keep the good samples so I know what I want to buy next.)

Needless to say, I did not become “enlightened” after two months, but it was still a good read, and I love the daily exposure to inspiration.

After that a very rich man gave me A Deep Breath of Life, by Alan Cohen. Alan’s become one of my favorite Reminder-er authors for his profound thoughts combined with a sense of humor.

These days my mornings include A Daily Dose of Sanity – Also by Alan – and a A Course of Miracles, a book that I’m not sure how I managed to put off reading until now, given it’s THE go-to guide for divine remembering.

From A Daily Dose of Sanity:

“A recurring idea or inspiration is quite likely a sign that the universe is trying to get your attention to follow through on it. Your ego, or sense of limited self, might deny and resist the calling with excuses like “I could never do that,” “That would take a far greater person than me,” “That’s never been done,” or “I’m too [old/uneducated/ unattractive/poor/unworthy] for such a task.” Yet when the ego has gone through its array of lame defenses and the vision keeps knocking, you may be certain that you are being guided and called.” – Alan Cohen

I have some visions that have been knocking for yeeears. My jewelry for one.

What about you? What’s been knocking on your door?



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