Morning Rituals: Yoga

The first Ritual on my list is Yoga. Outta bed, yoga clothes on, bathroom, hit the mat.

I love starting the day with Yoga. Yoga connects my body, breath and spirit, grounding me in that union. It strengthens and tunes my body, equalizing my energy, and makes me feel firm, stable, and powerful. It stretches my joints (especially appreciated by my hips) and muscles after the night in bed.

I’ve been doing yoga every morning consistently for about a month now, and my body’s gotten to expect it every morning; even if my mind pipes up with “Let’s skip today! We don’t have time!”, my body knows how good it will feel afterwards, and I’m pulled to it. It’s exciting to see the practice is already firming into habit.

Some days I do 20 minutes, some days I follow a full hour and a half audio recording I have of my favorite teachers, Govindas and Colin Kim. But I make sure I do at least a few sun salutations every single morning.

I’ve found it easier to implement a home practice since I did a yoga teacher training course at my favorite studio, Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, California. If you have a favorite spot or teacher, consider studying with them, or get some videos or audio to follow at home.

Other favorite spots:

Los Angeles, California: Yoga West – Kundalini Yoga

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Buena Onda Yoga – Flow YogaAradhan – Kundalini Yoga (Saavedra neighborhood)


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