10 Morning Rituals

I live my best life when I Re-Source/Re-Connect every morning with daily Morning Rituals.

Having a consistent practice is really important to Re-Member and Re-Mind myself of who I truly am, what I want, what keeps me in balance, and what makes me feel good. A completely Self-Centered practice tunes up my own personal divine connection. I have to do it in the morning or it gets lost in the shuffle of the day.

You can create your own Rituals. I think they’re that much more meaningful when you do. These rituals should have rites that honor your sacred self, the infinite spirit that breathes through you, the divine spark of life that keeps your heart beating and your neurons firing and keeps this skin suit running.

If I don’t align with me, I’m easily pulled off track, and it’s easy to forget who I am and what I know intuitively to be True for me.

Below is my Ritual list; after Yoga and Meditation, it fluctuates a bit depending on the day. I don’t always have time to do every single one, but I try to get up and going at 6am so I can squeeze as much goodness in as possible. Each night before going to bed I review that morning’s notes from the readings and what I wrote for the exercises.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • EFT Tapping
  • Affirmations
  • Inspirational Reading (Daily Dose of Sanity, A Course of Miracles)
  • Rampage of Appreciation – List 5
  • “I’m so happy and grateful now that…” – List 5
  • What Do I Really, Really, Really Want?
  • Prosperity Game
  • Visualize/Feeliuize My Day

In the following days I’ll share more about each of the Rituals.

Do you have Morning Rituals? Do you create time for you to connect with you every day? What practices keep you most aligned with your beautiful divine self?


7 thoughts on “10 Morning Rituals

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  6. I have been trying to cultivate beautiful, luxurious, soul massaging morning and evening rituals. I may have to borrow a couple of these ideas. Thanks!

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