Choosing to Play the Life Game

Snagged from I had to.

”Joy is as infectious as any disease. When you see a few people dancing, suddenly you feel your feet are ready. You may try to control them, because control has been taught to you, but your body wants to join the dance. Whenever you have an opportunity to laugh, join; whenever you have an opportunity to dance, join; whenever you have an opportunity to sing, sing — and one day you will find you have created your paradise.”

Remember: You’re divine. Di Vine. From the vine, from the source. You come from the Source of Consciousness that underlies everything. And you’re still connected.

But you’ve been taught to cut yourself off from your Source Connection, to look to other people or to external things for connection. “Control has been taught to you.” Control comes from fear. Protection come from fear.

What comes from love? Joy, excitement, enthusiasm (from the root ‘en-theos’, god within), and inspiration (in-spirit, respiration, to breathe)…

You don’t have to wait until you die to be judged and allowed into paradise (or not). You can choose to create paradise, moment to moment, through your thoughts, through strengthening your connection to Source, to go(o)d, to well-being.

As a divine being playing on this material plane of duality, you get to choose. That’s the game! First you chose to come down here into this world of dualistic good-evil light-dark, and then you chose to forget you were divine, playing hide-and-seek.

And now, and now, and now, in each moment, you’re getting the chance to wake up to the game, during the game. You’re getting the chance to continue playing it – lucidly.

Life isn’t a battle, it’s a game. It’s not meant to be fought and suffered; it’s meant to be enjoyed and created.

The game is simple – There are only two sides to the coin. Love or fear? Expansion or contraction? Joy or pain?

Which do you choose?

Why not begin to practice opening to opportunities for love, joy, excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration today?

Let go of the old fear, control, protection. They shut out life, they stop love from flowing through you and to you.


You’re divine. You’re infinite. You choose.


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