Daily Rituals – A Course in Miracles

I don’t know about you, but I need constant reminders to keep me living in the divine, magical world of infinite creative consciousness. Otherwise it’s all too easy to slip back into the humdrum material world of fear, protection, and normalcy.

So to stay in my magical flow, every morning I pop out of bed and go through my list of Daily Rituals – a mix of yoga, meditation, visualizing, affirmations, dancing and reading (among other things!).

One of the texts I’m reading pieces of each day is A Course of Miracles.

Yesterday I was struck by these juicy bits about spiritual teachers and healing:

“Healing will always stand aside when it would be seen as threat. The instant it is welcome it is there.

“It is not the function of God’s teachers to evaluate the outcome of their gifts. It is merely their function to give them. Trust is an essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that makes sharing possible, the part that guarantees the giver will not lose, but only gain. Who gives a gift and then remains with it, to be sure it is used as the giver deems appropriate? Such is not giving but imprisoning.

“It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given. And it is trust that makes true giving possible. Healing is the change of mind that the Holy Spirit in the patient’s mind is seeking for him. And it is the Holy Spirit in the mind of the giver Who gives the gift to him. How can it be lost ? How can it be ineffectual? How can it be wasted? Given by God to God, who in this holy exchange can receive less than everything?”

This is some good deep truth right here.

The instant healing is welcome, it is there. Do you know what would happen if every human woke up to this truth?? Miracles by the boatloads! No more illness, no more physical suffering! Then what would people have to complain about??

And though I grew up Catholic and heard about the Holy Spirit quite often, the term struck me in an entirely different way when I read this. Holy Spirit = Whole spirit, ONE spirit, inner being, higher self; that soul/spirit/inner part of us that is connected to the One, the Whole, the Uni-verse, one song.

Remember. Re-member, to put together again, to come together again, to unite, to integrate, to make whole.

What do you do to Re-member yourself? How do you keep yourself aligned with your own Wholeness, your own holiness?


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